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Are you tech-savvy? Want to share your skill with millions of readers in technology? Did you searched “technology write for us” on google to find the guest post opportunities in tech? You are in the right place. seeks creative and tech writers to contribute to our blog.

technology write for us

We well-reputed and highly authorized Technology website in the industry. We manage so many passionate tech readers yearly in our blog. At that moment, we are willing to expand our category in the technology niche.

So does it sound familiar to your passion? If yes, come and join our Technology Write For Us guest post submission.

Who should post on is a team of tech-savvy minds. We work to educate our readers in Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Application Development, the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud computing, BIT Security, Cyber Security, and other related tech stuff.

We highly prioritized well-researched tech content for our blog. Our readers are the top most priority when it comes to sharing knowledge. Hence, we believe in truthful and original content that is never found on other blogs. Interested writers should follow our Technology Write For Us guidelines if they want our team to accept their requests.

We currently allow creative writers with strong knowledge and experience in Technology and related stuff. However, if you are a newbie and recently starting a tech career, don’t worry. also approves newbie content writers if it’s informative and aligned with our guidelines.

Why write a guest post on technology write for us?

technology write for us

We have a mission to educate passionate tech-savvy people worldwide. Currently, we are managing millions of readers from well-developed countries like Canada, USA, the UK, and other Gulf countries. Our articles follow country oriented tone and style for better understanding. And, the same patter should be followed by you.

Additionally, we SEO optimize our articles to drive maximum traffic to our website. If your article gets approved by our team, those will also be optimized similarly. In fact, we allow writers to give their author’s bio and website links at the end of their articles. As a result, both your content and website get an excellent boost in your category.

The following benefits you can expect by writing for us in the technology blog:

Sharpen your writing skill

The first benefit of writing a technology guest post is improving your writing skill. The approved article is published in our blog and navigated by thousands of readers worldwide. If your article is of high quality and informative, they get more engaged with your content.

Readers will leave positive comments, and bloggers will contact you for future work. That’s how you can sharpen your content writing skill and boost your career in the tech content.

Get Natural Backlink

As mentioned, we allow writers to give their website or service link at the bottom of their articles. As long as the article is published on our blog, readers can visit your website through your given link. That’s called a backlink.

This link helps you get better authority in your niche.

Aslo, your website gets boosted and builds strong relationships with targeted audiences. This is helpful in creating brand authority and google’s SEO authority. 

Get Boost In ranking

Guest post submission is the easiest way to boost your site ranking. We are well established technology blog in the tech industry. We have much higher authority and DA, PA.

Whenever you get a backlink from us, your site automatically boosts on SERP results. Indeed, your website gets more readers, your bouncing rate decreases, your site gets better attention, etc.

Improve Online presence

Submiting a tech guest post on our website gives you a platform for your site’s online presence. We give you more readers and drive targeted audiences through your given link.

If your articles are informative and helpful for readers, they get engaged and improve your site authority in the long term. As time passes, people get more aware of your website and repeatedly start visiting. 

Topic ideas for tech write for us submissions

tech write for us topic ideas

We publish almost every technology-related article on our website. However, below are the few example topics or niches you can write for us:

  • Technology
  • Application Development
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Cloud computing
  • IT Security
  • Cyber security
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Software developement
  • IT Infrastructure
  • e-commerce
  • Big data
  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Mobile technology
  • Computers
  • Gaming
  • Blockchain technology
  • Machine learning

Rules and tips before you submit the content

technology write for us tech

Before submitting your article to our publishers, we request you to read the below guidelines. Please note, your content will be highly reviewed and may be fact-checked.

In case found anything wrong, we’ll reject the content.

  • Your article should be 800-1000 words long.
  • Avoid making grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and non-meaning paragraphs.
  • Your selected topics should be relevant to our blog; irreverent articles are disqualified.
  • We accept articles from any content writes or bloggers, except competitors’ sites or team.
  • Spun, AI, or rewritten articles are strictly prohibited on our site.
  • Always make a professional outline to make content attractive.
  • Add at least one image in your content without breaking copyrights.
  • You can also add one or two do-follow or no-follow relevant links in the content.
  • The article should be readers oriented; promotional content will be rejected.
  • Make attractive and meaningful headings in H1, H2, H3, and H4 formats.
  • Mention your sources and credits to some references or content.
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short to read easily.
  • We are not welcomed competitor’s article in our guest post.
  • You are allowed to add the authors bio and website link at the end of your article.
  • Write a meta description and add mark the main target keyword so that our SEOs can optimize the content.

Technology guest post submission guidelines

share your technology guest post

Strictly follow the guidelines for our guest post submission

  • We accept content in any document format, including Word Document, PowerPoint Presentations, Google Docs, and others.
  • You can also share your content link at the given address.
  • Do not make your article link private; we should be allowed to copy and edit your content.
  • We are allowed to take charges in terms of spelling mistakes, grammar, and others.
  • You can share your content on the email:


So that’s the detail about Technology Write For Us guest post submission. We hope you follow the guidelines and our mission to allow this opportunity.

Remember, we only value high quality and genuine content on our blog. We also don’t pay any charges or rewards for your guest post submission.

Instead, we give you backlinks and help to boost your site performance. So that’s all for today, and we are thankful for showing interest in our mission. 

Disclaimer is a participant in an affiliate program by LLC. The links on the articles may contain our affiliate links. If you purchase any product by our link, we may earn a commission.

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