PRESS RELEASE: Intuitive receives developer approval for PS Vita

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Intuitive Game Studios is pleased to announce developer approval from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for the PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita).

“It’s exciting to be developing for Sony’s new portable handheld gaming device,” said Alex Carlyle, Game Director at Intuitive. “We’re delighted to join the growing community of indie developers embracing the opportunities of the PS Vita.”

Intuitive is currently developing a new game which is expected to be released across multiple platforms, including the PS Vita.

“We are still at an early stage of development with our new game,” said Carlyle. “We don’t want to announce anything until we are more advanced with the project. Hopefully we’ll be able to say something about it towards the end of the year.”

Intuitive Game Studios is a game development studio based in Sydney, Australia.

More information about Intuitive is available at

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Our current project is being developed with the assistance of Screen NSW.

PixelEnemy Article by Zarmena Khan on the beginnings of Intuitive Game Studios

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Little has been heard of Team Bondi since its dismemberment, but that changed recently when some of the team members resurfaced after opening up their own company, Intuitive Game Studios. Alex Carlyle, the L.A. Noire design lead and AAA industry veteran, teamed up with a few ex-Team Bondi and ex-Kennedy Miller Mitchell (Whore of the Orient) folks to open up his own studio.

As a huge fan of L.A. Noire, I grabbed the opportunity to speak to Alex before he announced his next big project.

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PRESS RELEASE: Screen NSW invests in creative media projects

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Screen NSW have announced today that they have invested in 12 interactive media companies to fund the growth of their business or develop projects for games and mobile applications. It’s the latest round of funding from a three year and $3 million initiative for NSW based creatives on commercially viable digital content for internet, mobile, and other emerging platforms and devices.

The list of recipients includes Intuitive Games Studios, formed recently by L.A. Noire lead designer Alex Carlyle and storyboard artist Kelly Baigent.

Screen NSW CEO, Maureen Barron said today “Congratulations to this creative digital dozen for successfully applying for funding and contributing to the enhancement of our digital economy while keeping the innovation flame burning brightly in NSW.”